• Company History


    Since 1978 Wenzel has defined the state-of-the-art in ultra-low phase noise crystal oscillators. Wenzel designs and manufactures crystal oscillators, fixed frequency systems, integrated microwave assemblies and synthesizers to X-band. Blue Tops modules, ultra-low noise multiplied microwave sources from our MXO line, and very low noise custom integrated microwave assemblies provide building blocks for systems throughout the world.

    Wenzel produces over 15,000 oscillators per year for commercial markets. Wenzel’s precise, low noise signals are used in up/down converters, frequency counters and cellular base stations. Wenzel’s oscillators are the internal references in most commercially available phase noise measurement test sets.

    Approximately two thirds of Wenzel’s products are high-reliability parts, built for RADAR systems, military radios and space applications. Wenzel builds master oscillators for airborne, UAV, and shipboard navigation, surveillance and communication systems. Multiple frequency, rack-mounted sources and synthesizers outfit testing labs and are part of the U.S. missile defense system. We are very proud to have been selected for key components in the National Radio Astronomy Observatory’s ALMA telescope which is now observing galaxies form the Atacama Desert of northern Chile.

    Wenzel has shipped space-flight hardware for the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter for NASA, the Aquarius sea surveyor and TACSAT-4. Wenzel’s space heritage includes oscillators for the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Mars Pathfinder Lander, the NEAR Earth Asteroid Rendezvous Satellite and for the National Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System (NPOESS). Production oscillators were built for the ORBCOMM Generation 2 (OG2) satellites. Wenzel was pleased to design and build the X-band synthesizer in the landing RADAR for the Mars Science Laboratory that helped guide the Curiosity rover to the surface of Mars in August, 2012.

    In March of 2006, Wenzel completed its purchase of Croven Crystals, a premier manufacturer of high performance crystals, bringing 50 years of crystal making experience to Wenzel. Croven has participated in countless special projects for military and space customers and has complete in-house testing and manufacturing capabilities to produce MIL-PRF-3098 crystals. Croven is located in its own 26,000 square foot facility in Whitby, Ontario Canada.

    In 2021, Quantic Electronics, a portfolio company of Arcline Investment Management, announced the acquisition of Wenzel from J F Lehman & Company. Quantic Electronics boasts the industry’s most distinguished electronics and manufacturing experts, in an elite portfolio of complementary design, engineering and manufacturing businesses.