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    Drawing on a rich heritage in the design and manufacturing of frequency control and timing components and sub-systems stretching over 40 years – Quantic Wenzel is today pushing the technological boundaries to help bring a new set of advanced capabilities for high-reliability commercial applications.

    Quantic Wenzel - Commercial Industry
    Quantic Wenzel - Commercial Industry

    Trusted by the largest companies in the industry, our frequency control and timing solutions are applied across a variety of commercial applications:

    • Communications satellites and ground stations.
    • Internet and 5G applications.

    Solutions for Commercial Applications

    Our team understands how quickly market cycles move. Our customers trust us to deliver frequency control and timing solutions that meet stringent time-to-market and budget objectives.

    • Master Reference Crystal Oscillators
    • Local Oscillators
    • Precision Timing Clocks
    • Ultra-Low Noise, Ultra Stable Oscillators
    • Frequency Synthesizers and Sub-Systems
    • Custom Frequency Solutions
    • Integrated Microwave Assemblies
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    Why Partner with Quantic Wenzel for your Commercial Application?

    At Quantic Wenzel we know that your mission-critical program needs are financially and strategically important to your organization, and we take the responsibility to help you achieve your goals very seriously. From prototype to production, we consistently provide proactive, world-class customer service in our efforts to research, design and deliver innovative frequency control and timing solutions with industry-leading performance.

    Our solutions allow you to:
    • Maintain high-frequency stability
    • Withstand intense vibration
    • Endure low-g sensitive environments
    • Significantly reduce phase noise
    • Withstand changes in temperature deviations

    News & Resources

    June 24, 2024

    Blog: Solving Phase Noise Challenges in Space-based Cellular Networks

    The latest generation of cellular networks have revolutionized connectivity with unprecedented speed and capacity. To extend these benefits globally, developments are shifting towards space-based cellular networks. Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellations are being deployed to provide service from orbit, bridging connectivity gaps in remote and underserved areas. However, in the challenging space environment, maintaining precise frequency control and minimizing phase noise has been a challenge for RF engineers. Phase noise can impact data transmission quality, especially at high frequencies. […]

    Quantic Wenzel Associates | Technical Article Understanding Dynamic Phase Noise Website Banner Graphic
    August 22, 2023

    Technical Article: Understanding Dynamic Phase Noise

    When it comes to frequency control, achieving precise timing and synchronization is critical. However, numerous factors can degrade the performance of time-sensitive applications, and one such factor is dynamic phase noise. In this technical article, we will delve into the concept of dynamic phase noise, explore its effects on radio frequency and microwave system performance, and discuss several techniques that engineers can employ to mitigate its impact. What is phase noise? Before diving into dynamic phase noise, let’s start with […]

    Case Study - Oscillator Dynamic Phase Noise
    October 4, 2022

    Technical Article: Improving Oscillator Dynamic Phase Noise with Passive Vibration Isolation and Accelerometer-Based Vibration Compensation

    Expand Your Crystal Oscillator Vibration Mitigation Knowledge In this Microwave Journal article, we present an accelerometer-based vibration compensation system that mitigates the effects of vibration on OCXO dynamic phase noise. We examine the use of this active compensation system as well as passive vibration isolation and discuss challenges and design considerations related to these techniques. Complete the form below to access the technical article. *Posted with permission from Microwave Journal.