• Product Model:
    ONYX Series Crystal Oscillators



    The ONYX Series oscillators are small lightweight rugged OCXOs featuring low phase noise, good temperature stability
    and low acceleration sensitivity (to 1E-10/g per axis). Designed for Commercial and Military PCB mount applications,
    they provide excellent phase noise performance during vibration. The nickel-plated steel package is 1” x 1” x 0.5” and
    includes sturdy pins (0.040”) for mounting and signal interface. An internal voltage regulator is provided for excellent
    power supply line rejection. Please contact us to discuss custom requirements.


    Frequencies from 10 MHz to 320 MHz, fixed
    Rugged/Low Cost/High Performance
    Low Phase Noise to -176 dBc/Hz
    Low-G Sensitivity to 1E-10/g per axis
    Output: Sine, +10 dBm, Standard; TTL, Optional
    Small Package; Low Profile (0.5″ ht)
    Solder Sealed Steel Can
    Thru Hole (PCB) Mount


    Military Applications
    Airborne, Ground, Shipboard
    Test Equipment
    Base Stations
    Portable Transceivers