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    Drawing on a rich heritage in the design and manufacturing of RF/MW components and sub-systems stretching over 40 years – Quantic Wenzel is today pushing the technological boundaries to help bring a new set of capabilities for mission-critical defense and commercial space applications. We work with our customers to engineer and manufacture RF/MW solutions for manned and unmanned vehicles and ground systems.

    Quantic Wenzel - Space Industry
    Quantic Wenzel - Space Industry

    Our space heritage includes:

    • X-Band synthesizers for the descent radars on the NASA Mars Curiosity and Perseverance missions.
    • Ultra-low noise oscillators for weather radars on the NPOESS and JPSS environmental satellites.
    • Ultra-low noise oscillators as a part of the Inmarsat-6 Satellite system providing reliable commercial and mission-critical communication.

    Solutions for Space Applications

    Today’s space applications demand high performance RF/MW solutions in smaller, lighter, more power-efficient, and cost-effective form factors. Quantic Wenzel innovates by developing low-phase noise and low-g sensitive technologies into SWaP-C efficient, affordable RF/MW solutions:

    • Master Reference Crystal Oscillators
    • Frequency Synthesizers and Sub-Systems
    • Local Oscillators
    • Custom Frequency Solutions
    • Precision Timing Clocks
    • Integrated Microwave Assemblies
    • Ultra-Low Noise, Ultra Stable Oscillators
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    Why Partner with Quantic Wenzel for your Space Application?

    At Quantic Wenzel we know that your mission-critical program needs are financially and strategically important to your organization, and we take the responsibility to help you achieve your goals very seriously. From prototype to production, we consistently provide proactive, world-class customer service in our efforts to research, design and deliver innovative RF/MW solutions with industry-leading performance.

    Our RF/MW solutions allow you to:
    • Maintain high-frequency stability
    • Significantly reduce phase noise
    • Operate reliably in environments with intense vibration
    • Withstand changes in temperature deviations
    • Endure low-g sensitive environments

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    Press Release: Quantic Wenzel Frequency Synthesizer to Support NASA’s Europa Clipper

    Austin, TX.— May 16th, 2023 – Quantic Wenzel, a leader in crystal oscillators, frequency sources, and integrated microwave assemblies has completed delivery of a space-qualified frequency synthesizer assembly for NASA’s Europa Clipper mission. Scheduled to launch next year, the spacecraft will orbit Jupiter to perform a detailed exploration of Europa – a moon that shows evidence for an ocean of liquid water beneath its icy crust and which could host conditions suitable for life. “Our support of the Europa Clipper mission […]

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    Blog: Celebrating 30 Years of Success in Space

    Thirty years ago this month, Quantic Wenzel (formerly Wenzel Associates) undertook its first space engineering and manufacturing project supporting the GEOSAT Follow On satellite program. Since May 1993, we’ve amassed a storied record of achievement supporting commercial, defense, and ground systems. We could not be more excited to celebrate our history in space, our success, and all the incredible accomplishments achieved thanks to our employees, customers, supplier partners, and the local Austin, Texas community. Reflecting on Decades of Success in […]

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    White Paper: ONYX Oscillators in Low Earth Orbit

    As access to and utilization of the low Earth orbit (LEO) region has expanded, so too has demand increased for affordable, mass producible space-worthy timing devices. Wenzel outlines the approach, process, and results of adapting and qualifying an established family of ONYX oscillators to production for commercial LEO space applications.