• Product Model:
    OCXO + Rubidium – QRb Sync


    Quantic Wenzel is proud to offer the QRb Sync Series products which includes a low noise OCXO coupled with a very stable disciplined rubidium oscillator and combined within a small ruggedized housing. This combination offers exceptional phase noise performance as well as excellent stability. There are many options to choose from, depending on the application, including HF and VHF frequencies from 10 MHz to 500 MHz as well as low g-sensitivity and internal vibration isolation. The internal SRO-100 disciplined rubidium oscillator offers Auto-Adaptive Smartiming+ SAAM/Non-SAASM GPS/GNSS Disciplining Technology with 1 ns Resolution. Rubidium Oscillator, Rubidium Clock, Rubidium Clock Oscillator, Master Reference Oscillator




    QRb Sync
    Industry Leading ULN Oscillators and Disciplined Rubidium Combined
    Exceptional Phase Noise
    Excellent Stability
    Low G-Sensitivity
    Internal Vibration Isolation Options
    Auto Adaptive Smartiming+


    High Dynamic Platforms
    Tactical Helicopter
    Tactical Airborne
    Drone (UAV/UGA)
    Ground Communications
    Mobile Satcom
    Tactical Aerial Radar