• Product Model:
    Multiplied Crystal Oscillator Series (MXO)


    The typical Multiplied Crystal Oscillator (MXO) is comprised of Quantic Wenzel’s industry leading VHF Ultra Low Noise OCXO integrated with several low noise multiplier stages. The MXO is easily customized to any fixed frequency between 200 MHz and 12 GHz. Options such as phase locking (PLL) can also be specified on some models to phase lock to an external reference such as a rubidium, cesium, GPS or OCXO standard. An internal HF reference OCXO can be specified as well. The Golden Multiplied Crystal Oscillator Series (GMXO) offers the same options as the MXO Series oscillators, but provides superior phase noise performance. Our latest ultra-low noise oscillator technology and special multiplier stages are combined in the Golden Series products to allow a phase noise floor improvement of up to 10 dB lower than the already low MXO Series phase noise performance. Excellent option when stability and the lowest possible phase noise performance in an OCXO based product is a must.


    Integrated Crystal Oscillator(s) and Additional Circuits
    Frequencies from 200 MHz to 12 GHz, fixed
    Ultra Low or Golden Phase Noise Options
    Includes Integrated Multipliers, Filters and Amps
    Ruggedized for Dynamic Environments
    Nickel-Plated Machined Aluminum Case
    SMA(f) and Solder Pins on Side
    Sine, +13 dBm, Standard; To +21 dBm, Optional
    Multiple Frequency Outputs Optional


    Radar Systems
    Test Equipment
    Reference Oscillator