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    Dynamic Phase Noise Calculator

    Dynamic Phase Noise Estimator v

    Oscillator Parameters:



    Offset Phase Noise
    1 Hz dBc/Hz
    2 Hz dBc/Hz
    3 Hz dBc/Hz

    Rows to add:

    Delete row number:

    Random Vibration Profile

    Offset ASD
    1 Hz g 2/Hz
    2 Hz g 2/Hz
    3 Hz g 2/Hz

    Rows to add:

    Delete row number:

    Damping Parameters

    Type Ⅰ: Theoretical

    Type Ⅰ
    Type Ⅱ
    Type Ⅲ
    Type Ⅱ/Ⅲ
    Type Ⅳ

    Using Passive Damping

    Using Active Damping

    Using Passive/Active Damping

    Using Passive/Active Damping

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    Typical Phase Noise Plot:

    Generated graph 2 appears here

    Phase Noise
    Vibration Profile
    Offset (Hz) Static Phase Noise(dBc/Hz) Dynamic Phase Noise(dBc/Hz) Δ Phase Noise(dBc/Hz)
    Offset Frequency (Hz) ASD (g 2/Hz)
    Time Domain Static PN Dynamic PN

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