• Citrine Series Crystal Oscillators Overview

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    Citrine Series Crystal Oscillators Overview

    The Citrine Series Crystal Oscillators were developed specifically to provide a broad product offering for the most demanding applications requiring low phase noise performance in both static and dynamic conditions. The Citrine Oscillators can be configured at any fixed frequency between 1 MHz and 700 MHz. Both HF and VHF oscillators are available with and without a vibration isolation system. And, both the HF and VHF Citrines are available in the “PLUS” series, which adds multipliers, dividers, amplifiers, filters and dual outputs, when the application demands something extra. Phase noise floor performance for both HF and VHF frequency ranges can be specified for the oscillator as Standard at -165 dBc/Hz or Premium at -176 dBc/Hz, at a fixed frequency within the range.

    The Golden Citrine option is available within the VHF frequency range, which offers typical phase noise performance to -183 dBc/Hz at the 10 kHz offset and -190 dBc/Hz at and beyond the 100 kHz offset. The Citrine Series product line offers a wide variety of standard oscillators that provide extremely high performance in high vibration and benign environments. Low phase noise, high stability and customized outputs are available on a standard COTS parts delivery schedule.

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