• Featured Product: 3U/6U OpenVPX Frequency Source

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    Austin, TX. — July 5th, 2022—Quantic Wenzel (Wenzel Associates, Inc.), an industry leader in crystal oscillators, fixed-frequency systems, integrated microwave assemblies, and synthesizers today announced its first 3U/6U OpenVPX frequency source. Designed to OpenVPX standards, Quantic Wenzel’s new RF product is ideally suited for mission-critical RADAR and Electronic Warfare applications. Developed to meet VITA 67 technology standards, the 3U/6U OpenVPX is SOSA-aligned and can be environmentally sealed for exceptional phase noise performance.

    “The rapid developments occurring in today’s defense environment requires the most advanced frequency source technology,” said Mehran Moss, Chief RF Design Engineer of Quantic Wenzel’s research and development group. “By moving to the OpenVPX standard, Quantic Wenzel’s customers will have the capability to connect our latest frequency sources with the third-party hardware of their choice.”

    The new frequency source features low-g sensitivity and has a fixed frequency range of 100 MHz to 3 GHz with solutions to 18 GHz in development. All of Quantic Wenzel’s RF solutions are developed by a highly skilled engineering team in Austin, TX. The company’s manufacturing facility provides long-term support capability in a trusted and secure environment.

    Click below to view the complete performance specifications and datasheet.

    About Wenzel Associates:
    Since 1978, Wenzel has defined the absolute state of the science in ultra-low phase noise crystal oscillators, a portfolio complemented by a range of advanced frequency sources and integrated microwave assemblies. Wenzel’s oscillators and synthesizers are designed into mission-critical military, space, and commercial applications. Unmatched precision, low-g sensitivity and very low phase noise distinguish Wenzel’s engineering expertise, so customers can execute with full confidence – and without hesitation. And as a Quantic company, Wenzel is a part of an extended engineering ecosystem and powerful supply chain, defining a competitive advantage that extends to every customer.