• Product Model:
    Distribution Amplifier (LNDA-8)



    The LNDA-8 is a high performance frequency 8-way distribution amplifier designed to distribute HF ULN crystal oscillator or other low phase noise source signals and features a phase noise floor of -178 dBc/Hz intrinsic at the 100 kHz offset. The distribution amplifier operates on +15 VDC and includes a low noise voltage regulator for excellent power supply line rejection.


    • 5 MHz and 10 MHz Standard
    • Ultra Low Phase Noise
    • Eight Isolated Outputs
    • Output Levels to +16 dBm
    • Integral Voltage Regulator


    • Frequency Distribution
    • Ultra Low Noise Signal Distribution
    • RF Systems Component


    Low Noise Distribution Amplifier (8-Way)
    Formerly Known as LNDA2
    Low Phase Noise Frequency Distribution
    5 MHz and 10 MHz Models Available
    Intrinsic Phase Noise Floor to -178 dBc/Hz (Input Referred)
    Integral Low Noise Voltage Regulator
    Conversion Gain: 0 ±1.5 dB into 50 ohms, typical
    Output Levels to +16 dBm, each port
    Port-to-Port Isolation: > 50 dB
    Nickel-Plated Machined Aluminum Housing
    SMA(f) Input and Output Connectors, Standard

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