• Product Model:
    Filtered Dual Amplifier (LNFDA)



    The LNFDA is a broadband dual amplifier that is characterized to a specific customer specified frequency within the operating band and includes two integrated lowpass filters. The LNFDA’s integral 5-section LPFs attenuate unwanted harmonics and other undesired signals before and after amplification. A wide selection of common amplifiers and input/output attenuators provide flexibility in configuring gain and input/output levels (see amplifier selection table for options). Residual phase noise is verified at 100 MHz unless otherwise specified. Please consult our technical staff for assistance in configuring an amplifier to suit your input and output requirements.



    • Frequencies to 2 GHz
    • Excellent Harmonic Suppression
    • Characterized Phase Noise
    • Integral Attenuators



    • Low Phase Noise Amplification
    • Broadband Amplification


    Low Noise Filtered Dual Amplifier
    RF Signal Amplification and Harmonic Suppression
    Input Frequency from 5 MHz to 2 GHz
    Intrinsic Phase Noise Floor to -178 dBc/Hz (Input Referred)
    Integral 5-Section Lowpass Filters: Harmonics: ≤ -50 dBc
    Integral Attenuators for Flexibility and Customized Options
    Gain: Up to +42 dB on some models
    Output Level P1dB: Up to +26 dBm on some models
    Nickel-Plated Machined Aluminum Housing
    SMA(f) Input and Output Connectors, Standard

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