• Product Model:
    Frequency Synthesizer


    Wenzel Associates is pleased to have been part of JPL’s innovative landing radar on the Mars Science Laboratory, which landed the rover Curiosity on Mars. Wenzel’s synthesizer generated microwave frequencies to X-band from Wenzel’s very low noise 125 MHz ovenized crystal oscillator. The fixed frequencies, 1000 MHz, 2000 MHz, 3750 MHz, 10,750 MHz and 11,250 MHz, provided the basis for the radar signals that generated altitude information to the landing craft. On-board computers used the altitude data to control rockets on the descent vehicle and the sky-crane, to safely and gently land Curiosity on Mars.

    Wenzel’s space capabilities include crystal based fixed frequency generation, even and odd order multipliers, mixers and frequency distribution to X-band. We welcome your custom space requirements.