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    Golden VHF Bootstrap Oscillator



    Available from 80 MHz to 130 MHz, the Golden Bootstrap oscillator provides ultra-low phase noise performance and low-g sensitivity of better than 5e-11/g below 300 Hz offsets, and 5e-12/g sensitivity above 300 Hz when vibration isolation is included. Our proprietary bootstrap oscillator technology consists of two rugged OCXOs of the same frequency phase locked together. Special compensation techniques minimize vibration induced phase noise by mechanically aligning the two oscillators and summing a compensation voltage with the electrical tuning to the oscillators. The Golden VHF bootstrap oscillator assembly is an ideal solution for the most demanding airborne, mobile, and shipboard applications that require greatly improved dynamic phase noise under vibration. The oscillator with vibration isolation, is housed in a 5.86” x 3.7” x 1.18” machined case. An internal voltage regulator provides excellent power supply line rejection. Please consult with us if you need any specifications to be modified to better suit your application.


    Available in any fixed-frequency between 80 MHz to 130 MHz
    Utilizes bootstrap technology noise cancellation techniques
    Active and passive vibration compensation versions available
    5e-11/g below 300 Hz offsets and 5e-12/g sensitivity above 300 Hz when vibration isolation is included
    Static phase noise: -188 dBc/Hz
    Dynamic phase noise: -165 dBc/Hz
    Aging, typical: ±1 x 10-6 first year, after 30 days operating


    Radar Systems
    Tactical Radio
    Vehicular Communication
    Shipboard Applications


    VHF Golden Bootstrap Oscillator Mechanical Drawing 501-351-195