• Product Model:
    Low Noise Mixer (LNMX)



    The LNMX mixer consists of a commercial TO-8 or surface mount mixer and selected attenuators on each port. The standard mixer is the M8TH mixer from M/A Com, but other mixers are available upon request. The integral pads make it easy to adjust the mixer levels for optimum performance without additional costly external attenuators.



    • Frequency Range: 1 MHz to 3.4 GHz
    • Low Phase Noise
    • Integral Attenuators
    • Modular Integrated Design



    • Synthesizer Building Block
    • Communication Systems
    • Radar Systems
    • Electronic Warfare Systems


    Low Noise Mixer (LNMX)
    Standard Mixer – M/A COM P/N: M8TH
    Integral Attenuators to Adjust Levels as Required
    Frequency Range – RF: 1-3400 MHz
    Frequency Range – LO: 1-3400 MHz
    Frequency Range – IF: 1-2000 MHz
    LO Power: +23 dB, nominal
    Conversion Loss: 8.0 dB, typical
    Isolation: L-R, 35 dB; L-I, 35 dB ; R-I, 21 dB
    Nickel-Plated Machined Aluminum Housing
    SMA(f) Input and Output Connectors, Standard

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