• Product Model:
    Signal Translator (LNST)



    The LNST is a signal translator module which can be configured to convert a sine wave signal to square wave or square wave signal to sine wave. A differential LVDS option is also available with outputs provided on solder pins. The LNST module works well when combined with Wenzel oscillators and other Blue Tops modules. Other signal translator configurations may be available including various logic family conversions and packaging options. Please consult technical staff to discuss your specific requirement.


    • Input Frequency to 160 MHz
    • Sine to Square Conversion
    • Square to Sine Conversion
    • Differential LVDS Output Option

    • Synthesizer Building Block
    • Communication Systems
    • Radar Systems
    • Electronic Warfare Systems


    Low Noise Signal Translator (LNST)
    Input Frequency from 5 MHz to 160 MHz, fixed
    Integral Waveform Converter, Amplifier and Filters
    Sine-to-Square and Square-to-Sine Options Available
    Sine, TTL, LVTTL, LVDS, and Others
    Current Draw: 150 mA, typical
    Nickel-Plated Machined Aluminum Housing
    SMA(f) Input and Output Connectors, Standard

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