• Press Release: Quantic Wenzel Receives Recognition from the State of Texas

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    Austin, TX.— July 25th, 2023—Quantic Wenzel, an industry leader in frequency control and timing solutions for mission-critical applications, announced today that it has received recognition from the State of Texas for outstanding service in the space electronics engineering and manufacturing industry. Senator Sarah Eckhardt sponsored the ceremonial resolution honoring the company’s 30th year delivering crystal oscillators, frequency sources, and integrated microwave assemblies for space applications. Additionally, a flag was flown over the state capitol in the company’s honor on Monday, June 26th. The flag and ceremonial resolution are on display at the company’s facility in Austin, Texas.

    “For decades Texas-based companies like Quantic Wenzel have supported the space industry, both in LEO and GEO satellite deployments as well as deep space research,” said Joe Svoboda, Vice-President and General Manager. “Our entire team is humbled to have received this great honor from the State of Texas.”

    Quantic Wenzel Associates | Quantic Wenzel Receives Recognition from the State of Texas Press Release Graphic
    Pictured: Flag flying in honor of Quantic Wenzel on Monday, June 26th at left. Ceremonial resolution at right.

    About Quantic Wenzel:
    Since 1978, Wenzel has set the standard for ultra-low phase noise crystal oscillators, a portfolio complemented by a range of advanced frequency sources and integrated microwave assemblies to 30 GHz and beyond. Wenzel’s frequency control and timing products are designed into mission-critical military, space and commercial applications, and perform in the most extreme environments. Unmatched precision, low-g sensitivity and ultra-low phase noise distinguish our engineering expertise, so our customers can execute with full confidence – and without hesitation. And as a Quantic company, we’re part of an extended engineering ecosystem and powerful supply chain, defining a competitive advantage that extends to every customer.  

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