• Product Model:
    Phase Lock Loop (LNPLL)



    The LNPLL is a phase lock loop module that simplifies phase locking two low noise signals of the same frequency within the 5 MHz to 150 MHz operating range. The module is comprised of a low noise phase detector, a high performance loop amplifier, lock and rail detectors and a low noise voltage regulator, all integrated into a single package. Type 1 or Type 2 loop configurations are available and can be configured with loop bandwidths from 0.1 Hz to 1 kHz, depending on the tuning sensitivity of the VCO. Please consult our technical staff for assistance in configuring an LNPLL module to meet your specific requirement needs.



    •  Input Frequency 5 to 150 MHz
    •  Ultra Low Phase Noise
    •  Type 1 or Type 2 Loop
    •  Lock and/or Rail Detect
    •  Internal Voltage Regulator


    •  Synthesizer Building Block
    •  Communication Systems
    •  Radar Systems
    •  Electronic Warfare Systems


    Low Noise Phase Lock Loop (LNPLL)
    Input Frequency from 5 MHz to 150 MHz, fixed
    Integral Phase Detector, Amplifiers, Detectors and VReg
    Type 1 or 2 Loop Options
    Loop Bandwidth Optimized for Individual Application
    Lock and Rail Detect Monitoring Options (TTL)
    Current Draw: 100 mA
    Nickel-Plated Machined Aluminum Housing
    SMA(f) Input and Output Connectors, Standard

    Typical Specifications

    191021 LNPLL Specs

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